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Membership of our Mailing List and Online Makerspace is Free at the moment.

Please only buy a membership if you wish to support the us to survive as we prepare to move into our new space.




Per Month

Corporate Membership
is primarily for companies that wish to support Dundee Makerspace and allow their employees to access the space for personal use or small-scale projects.

Custom membership plans are available depending on required features

The employer is responsible for the behaviour of their employees whilst in the space.



Per Month

Standard Membership
is the best choice if you can afford it as every pound helps us to keep the space running. As a non-profit, all fees are fully reinvested into the running of the space.



Per Month

Concession Membership
is for those who cannot otherwise afford to pay the full membership rate. We have no hard rule about who can choose this option, but we suggest that students, those on low incomes and those in receipt of income-related benefits may be suitable for this membership.

Sign-up Information

You may join the Makerspace to gain 24/7 access to our facilities.
Our membership is on a month-to month basis with no minimum term.
We allow applications from all those aged 16 and over. We accept most applications; however, all applicants must complete the registration paperwork (including agreeing to our terms and conditions of membership), and are subject to approval by the Makerspace Membership Subcommittee.

In the unlikely event that your application is not approved, your payment will be refunded in full. Applications are not rejected on the grounds of protected characteristics. Dundee Makerspace strongly upholds the virtues of equality and tolerance.

Under 16s

Those aged under 16 may access the space on a parent or guardian’s membership provided full, direct supervision is maintained by that member at all times.

Certain activities will be restricted for under-16s outside of dedicated classes (see our class schedule for details – more classes are launching in the coming months)

Ways to pay

Apply here to pay by card or get in contact for other ways to pay!