Band It

Early Stage Prototyping

“Band it” is an elastic band gun controlled entirely by 3 servo motors, a keypad and a Arduino Uno. It also has a target made by a team mate.

The band gun was made from balsa wood and held together with wood glue. There are 3 main components. The firering cylinder (fires the gun), the cannon (holds the elastic band in place and controls the vertical position) and the mount (controls the horizontal position and holds the structure).

Older versions of the model had an analogue input but after running into troubles with servo jitter I changed it to a digital keypad input. The servos where very cheap though so that was probably the cause.

In the future I plan to make a version with stepper motors or high quality servos as this one would jitter to the point where it was unusable. Also I would like to have a joystick instead of a keypad as the controls.

Still I’m happy with the proof of concept for now.

Laser Cut Parts
Glue Bandit over night with wood glue and clamps

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  1. Nat

    I like the slo-mo footage, and the Band-It logo design 😁

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